Innovation in medical devices leads to healing for millions

We offer state of the art devices that are user friendly, reliable, and easy to operate


Let our devices be a part of your journey

Our devices

User centered

We focus on user centered design, ergonomics, and simplification of interfaces. This leads to improve the effectiveness and safety of our products, increase patient satisfaction and promote adherence to treatment regimens

Highly connected

By connecting to other medical devices, to electronic health records (EHRs) and other healthcare information systems, as well as to the internet and cloud-based services we enable our customers to reach new markets and new use cases efficiently

Reliable and cost effective

We are experts finding the right balance between device reliability and cost effectiveness. So our devices are resistant to harsh environments while preserving measure correctness. It will work as intended when it’s needed

How we work


Create teams to design device's value proposition and test fit into selected markets


Implement selected value proposition using internal resources and a reliable supply chain


Develop the internal structure to deliver the new products sustainably using Lean Manufacturing


Create the structure to grow up the products into the market. Business development, Technical service, feedback to improve products